Idol of the Goddess

The marble idol of Ma Bhuvaneshwari in the temple is glowing with divine splendor. She is in the sitting posture. Her personality has been described in the holy book Devi Bhagvata. Her divine personality engulfs the area and there is a deep serene atmosphere which gives a heavenly bliss.




   On hearing the questions put forward by Janamejaya Vy¢sa said: O very intelligent Janamejaya ! Questions asked by you are very difficult. Formerly I had asked sage N¢rada these very questions. Narada the son of Brahmawas sitting on the bank of the river Ga¬g¢ when I asked: O N¢rada ! who is the creator of this vast universe ? whether he is eternal or non-eternal ? Some people believe that S’ankara is the cause of causes. Some others believe that Visnu is the cause of this universe. Some others opine that four faced Brahmais the creator of this universe. Some others hold that the Sun-god is the creator of this universe. Some say that the thousand-eyed god Indra is the creator of the universe. In the same way others state that Varu´a, the Moon-god, the fire god, the wind-god, yama, kubera and Ga´apati are the creators of the universe. People in accordance with their understanding-power express their belief regarding the creator of the universe and so adore those gods respectively.

   Moreover some scholars hold and meditate upon Goddess Bhav¢ni to be – the giver of all things – ÃDIMÃYÃ, MAHÃS’AKTI, follower of the supreme BEING (PARAMAPURUSHA), PRAKRITI (The Primordial Matter), identified with Brahman – The Supreme Reality the author of creation, sustenance and destruction, the Mother of all creatures as well as gods, devoid of beginning and an end, of Perfect Form, having an abode in all the beings, the

Goddess of all the worlds, devoid of qualities as well as endowed with qualities, doer of good, Visnu’s s’akti, S’iva’s s’akti, Brahm¢’s s’akti, Indra’s s’akti, Varu´a’s s’akti, V¢r¢ha shakti, Narasimha’s s’akti, Mah¢lak¾m¤, Marvelous, the Mother of the Vedas having one Form, Eternal Lore of the world-Tree, remover of all sorts of miseries, accomplishing all the desires on remembering, giver of Salvation to seekers or Moksha, giver of desired fruits, above the three qualities, author of the expansion of qualities, devoid of qualities and yet Sagu´¢, and creator of worlds. (2-8) Moreover from where did this lotus came ? Just to find out the root of the lotus I entered into deeper and deeper waters. I made a search for a thousand years. Still I could not fathom it. Then there was a voice from super-human Being : “Perform penance, perform penance.” I performed penance and again there was superhuman voice saying: “Create”. Then I was perplexed as to whom should I create ? At that time very cruel demons named Madhu and Kai°abha came there. Holding the stalk of the lotus I started going down in the water. At that time I found MAH¡ VI½³U resting on the serpent – bed and then.

   I remembered the goddess of sleep and prayed to her. That goddess left the body of Visnu and appeared in the sky. (6) Then Visnu got up. He fought with Madhu and Kai°abha for five thousand years and through the grace of the goddess killed Madhu and Kai°abha. Then Rudra appeared there. I (Brahm¢) Visnu and Rudra had the D¡RS’ANA of the Goddess and prayed to Her. The Goddess said: “O Brahm¢, Visnu and Rudra ! these  Madhu and Kai°abha are killed. So now you do your functions of creation, sustenance and destruction and create the four classes of creatures.

” Brahmaon hearing the words of the Goddess, asked Her : “O mother ! There is water everywhere. How can creation take place ? On hearing our statement, the Goddess S’iv¢, laughed and there appeared a divine aerial car. At the command of the Goddess we took our seat in that aerial car. Then seeing us self-restrained ones seated in the car, the Goddess, through her power made the car fly in the sky. (11)


   Brahmasaid, that the aerial car having the speed like that of the mind went to another place. We were astonished to see that place.

   There were very beautiful trees, cuckoos were cooing on them. There were many trees yielding fruits. Moreover there were beautiful lands, mountains, forests, gardens, ladies, men, animals, rivers, wells with steps, wells, ponds and singing streams.(3)

   On seeing this city we felt that it is heaven. But we could not know as to who created such a beautiful place.(5) Therein we saw a god-resembling a king going on a hunting tour in a forest. We also saw Goddess Ambik¢ on the upper side of the aerial car. (6)

   Thereafter that aerial car propelled by wind moved foreward in the sky and in a little time it reached a very beautiful another place.(7) There was excellent Nandanavana. The K¢madhenu cow was standing in the shade beneath the desire-yielding tree.

.(8) Moreover there was an elephant having four tusks. Menak¢ and other nymphs were singing and dancing. (9) Many Yak¾as, and Vidyãdharas were singing and playing. In that Nandanavana we saw Indra in the company of Indr¢ni (10 to 11)

   Thus on seeing this excellent scenery as well as Varu´a Kubera, Yama and Agni in the company of many other gods, we were astonished and sat there.

   During that time a king came out of that well-decorated city. (13) He was the king of gods. He was unmoved and was sitting in a palanquin. We were sitting in the aerial car. In a little time the aerial car started rapidly. (14) And arrived at Brahmaloka, to which all the gods offer their salutations. On seeing Brahmahere S’iva and Visnu were astonished. (15)

   Moreover all the Vedas along with their A¬gas were present there. They had put on qualities and form. There were oceans, rivers, mountains and serpents also. (16) At that time S’iva and Visnu asked me (-Brahm¢) : “Who is this eternal Brahma?” I (-Brahm¢) replied : “I donot know this Brahmawho is the presiding deity of this place. (17) “O gods of gods ! who am I ? Who is this ? How is it that I am under this kind of illusion ?” Thereafter the aerial car having the speed of the mind moved further. (18)

   After that that aerial car arrived at the beautiful mountain top Kail¢sa which is the bestower of welfare and happiness. That land of the Kail¢sa was full of Yak¾as.There was a garden of the desire-fulfilling trees (KALPAVRK½AS) Therein parrots and cuckoos were cooing sweetly.

The instrument like Vi´¢ and the drums etc. were being played upon.

   At that time Lord S’a¬kara, riding on a bullock, three-eyed, five-faced, ten-handed, having half-moon on his head, putting on tiger’s hide and having elephant’s hide as a cloth, came out of the beautiful mansion. With Him were Ga´apati and Kartika sv¢mi as his guards and Nandi and other excellent Ga´as followed him announcing his “Victory” O N¢rada we all were amazed when we found another S’ankara accompanied by the M¡T§K¡S. (19-23)

   Thereafter the divine aerial car with the speed of the wind arrived at Vaiku´°ha the abode of Lord Visnu. O my son N¢rada ! I found a great Sovereign Power. Visnu who was in our company, was very much astonished. During that time Visnu the presiding deity of that Vaiku´°ha arrived there. He was lotus-eyed. His brilliance resembled that of the ATAS£ Flower (Common flax or Linseed). He had put on yellow garment. He had four hands. He was riding Garu²a. He had embellished Himself with divine ornaments. That Visnu was fanned by Goddess Lak¾mi with the chowry. On seeing that perennial Visnu with astonishment knew no bounds. We were looking at one another and standing in that excellent aerial car. During that time the aerial car flew further with the speed of the wind. Proceeding further we arrived at an ocean of nectar which was surging with large waves, full of acquatic creatures and full of tasteful water. In that ocean we found Ma´idv¤pa. What a fascinating scene ! It looked beautiful because of the Mand¢ra and P¢rijata trees, varieties of carpets covered the land,.

The plots of land were encirled with varieties of pictures and pearl garlands of various types. The celestial trees of ¡SOP¡LAVA, BORSALI, KURABAKA and CAMP¡ embellished that land. Cuckoos were cooing there sweetly. Celestial fragrance surcharged the entire atmosphere. Bees were humming.

   In that Ma´idv¤pa there was a fascinating bed-stead having the shape of Lord S’iva. (24) It was attractive owing to the gems. It was studded with the lines of gems. While sitting in the aerial car we saw that bedstead from
afar. (25) It was decorated on all sides and variety of mattresses were spread on it. It looked as if it was embellished with the rainbows. On it was sitting a celestial Goddess. (26)

She had put on red garland and red clothes. She had applied red-unguent on her body. Her eyes were red and looked beautiful and having the radiance of a crore of lightnings. (27) The face of that goddess looked very beautiful. Her lips were red. Her radiance excelling that of crores of Lak¾m¤s, resembled that of the orbit of the sun. (28)

   This celestial Goddess wielded VARA, (boon) P¡S’A (noose), A«KUS’A (a goad) and ABHAYA (Fearlessness). That Goddess was Bhuvanes’var¤. We saw that Goddess Bhuvanes’var¤, whom we had never seen before. She looked more beautiful because of Her gentle smile. The birds chrping HR£«K¡RA attended upon Her. Compassion incarnate that Goddess was red-coloured. She was a virgin and of fresh youth. Her face resembled a lotus because of Her various embellishments and gentle smile. She had vanqushed lotus buds because of her newly evolving and fleshy breasts.

(31) She had put on all the varieties of embellishments and She looked more beautious because of the ornaments of various gems. Golden A«GADA, bracelets and crown added to Her beauty. (32) Her lotus-like face looked beautiful because of Her wearing radiant and circular ear-rings. (KU³±ALAS). Multitudes of Her female friends were intent upon muttering H§LLEKH¡ Bhuvanes’vari.They were praying ceaselessly to the Goddess. The Goddess was encircled by the celestial damsels bearing the names H§LLEKH¡ and others. (34) Moreover Goddesses Ana¬gakusum¢ and others were present near Goddess Bhuvanes’var¤. The Goddess was seated on the excellent Yantra in the midst of Yantra having six angles. (a hexagonal shape) (35)

   On seeing that Goddess, we stood there highly astonished. Our minds were busy thinking who would be this Goddess ? what would be the name of this Goddess ? what would be the name of this Goddess ? we don’t know all this. (36) From a far this Goddess looks beautiful having thousand eyes, thousand hands and thousand faces. (37) Definitelly this is not an APSAR¡, Gandharva or a celestial lady. Then who she would be ?” Our minds were immersed in such doubts and so O N¢rada, we all stood there. (38)

   Undoubtedly this Goddess is the cause of us all. And this Goddess is veritably MAH¡VIDY¡, MAH¡M¡Y¡, P¥R³¡PRAK§TI and having no destruction. (40)

   She is difficult to be known by the dull-witted people, She can be comprehended only through yogic practices. She is devoid of any

ill-motive. She is the personified desire of the Supreme Being. Her forms are perennial as well as otherwise. (41)

   It is very difficult for unfortunate people to worship Her. She is the controlling power of the entire universe. She is welfare incarnate. She is the creator of the vedas. Large-eyed one she is the primordial Goddess of all. (42)

   At the time of deluge, this Goddess destoys the entire universe and establishes the LI«GA (or subtle) bodies of the Jivas and makes Her sports. (43)

   O Gods ! (O Brahmaand S’iva) at present this Goddess in the form of B£JA looks beautiful. You please note that crores of VIBH¥TIS stand beside Her in order. (44)

   O Brahmaand S’iva ! the women with divine ornaments and embellishments and celestial sandal paste, attend upon Her. You please watch them. (45)

   Oh we are blessed, we are really very fortunate and accomplished our life-mission, that we have the DARS’ANA of this Goddess. (46)

   We would have made efforts to perform penance in the past. This is the result of all that. Otherwise how could we have the rare DARS’ANA of this Goddess ? (47)

   Only those people who have earned religious merit and who have performed severe penance, are able to have the DARS’ANA

of this Goddess, the welfare incarnate. People attached to worldly pleasures can never have Her DARS’ANA. (48)

   This Goodess is M¥LAPRAK§TI and always ramains conjoined with the PURU½A. And this (M¥LAPRAK§TI) creates the cosmos and evinces it to the Supreme Reality. (49)

   O Gods ! This all controlling M¢y¢ is the cause of the seer, seen and all the gods. She is welfare incarnate. (50)

   Where am I, where all gods ? where Lak¾mi the Goddess of wealth and other celestial women ? We cannol stand comparison with even the millionth part of this (51)

   In childhood this Goodess as if rocked me joyfully in the ocean. I saw that Goddess with beautiful limbs. This goddess is that very one. (52)

   At that time in childhood I was lying on a very steady and strong banyan leaf as my bed. My limbs were very delicate. I was sucking the first toe of my foot by placing it in mouth and was playing with childlike gestures. (53-54) At that time this Goddees was rocking me and singing. This is that very Goddess. This I can definitely say on seeing Her. (55)

   O Gods ! Please hear both of you. I tell you what was experienced by me in the past. I tell you that this Goddess is our Moiher. I am convinced of this fact to day. (56)

   Thus the 3rd Chapter in the 3rd Skandha of the S’r¤mad

Bhuvanes’var¤ Bh¢gavata Mah¢pur¢´a is concluded.CH

   That this excellent Mah¢m¢y¢ will definitely give us boons. So let us go near Her lotus-feet and pray to Her. (2)

   And if we are prevented from going to Her by the female guards standing at the doors, we shall stand there and pray to Her with a concentrated mind. (3)

   Brahmacontinues : Because of Visnu’s such utferances we were highly pleased and were restored to our original form. Then we were very eager to approach the Goddess. Visnu said : “Well” and we three descended from the aerial car quickly started going to the doors with numberless doubts in our minds.

   At this juncture the Goddess saw us standing at the door, had a gentle smile and She transformed us into female immediately. (4)

   Thus we were transformed into ladies beautiful and putting on splendid embellishments. Highly astonished we went to Her. She, radiant with divine limbs, saw us with affection. We were standing near Her lotus – feet and having female forms. We offered our salutations to Her and started looking at one another. As we were in female forms and put on attractive ornaments, we stood before Her. That Goddess was shining with varieties of embellishments. She was radiant like the crores of suns. We saw Her footstool and stood there.

   Thousands of female attendants were offering their worship to Her, on all sides. some of them had put on red clothes, some of

them had black clothes and others had yellow clothes. All these girls were beautiful and had put on best garments. Several other ladies were playing upon V£³¡ and flute. They were dancing and singing joyfully. In this way they were attending upon the Goddess.

   O N¢rada ! I tell you of a wonder that I saw there. Please, listen. I found the entire Universe in the nail – mirror of this Goddess’ lotus-feet. Therein I also saw myself (-Brahm¢), Visnu, Mah¢deva, the Wind-god, Fire-god; Yama the Sun-god, Varuna, the Moon-god, Vis’vakarm¢, Kuber¢, Indra, Mountains, oceans, rivers, Gandharvas, Nymphs, Vis’v¢vasu, Citraketu, S’veta, Ci’tr¢¬gada, N¢rada, Tumburu, H¢h¢, H¦h¦ both As’vin¤kumaras, Vasus, S¢dhyas, Siddhas, Pit¨s, S’e¾an¢ga and other serpents, all the Kinnaras, snakes, R¢k¾asas, Vaiku´°ha loka, Brahmaloka and the famous Kail¢sa. Over and above these there was the lotus, the place of my birth and I also saw that I was sitting on it with my four faces. And there was lord N¢r¢ya´a, the controller of the universe lying on S’e¾an¢ga. Madhu and Kai°abha were also present therein. (5 to 11)

   Thus I found everything in the nail of the lotus-feet of the Goddess and I had a doubt in my mind as to what it was ? Visnu and S’ankara stood wonder-struck and we all the three gods started believing Her to be the Mother of the universe. We passed a hundred years in this Ma´idv¤pa which is full of nectar and welfare incarnate. When we were there the Goddesses of pleasant forms and embellished with various ornaments started believing us their female friends. We were fascinated on seeing these pleasant objects. We were highly delighted.

   Once upon a time Lord Visnu in the form of a woman, prayed to that Mah¢dev¤ Bhuvanes’var¤ thus. :

Lord Visnu prays : Obeisance to You who are in the form of MULAPRAKRTI; obeisance to You who are the creator of the Universe. You are welfare incarnate, so You fulfil the desires of all, You are in the form of prosperity and achievements. I offer my salutations again and again to that Goddess. (13) Salutations to You who are in the form of SAT-CIT and ¡NANDA and who are the cause of the universe. Again salutations to you Bhuvanes’var¤ who are the doer of five acts. Creation, sustenance, Sa¼s¢ra Tirobh¢va (disappearance) and Anugraha (-grace) these are the five acts or functions of the Goddess.)

Again and again salutations to You who are the substratum of all, K¦tastha (the higherst power) and devoid of changes (VIK¡RAS) and who are in the form of Brahman and in the form of Individual Self. (15)

O Mother ! This entire universe is pervaded by You. And it is created by You as well as destroyed by You. I have come to know of this fact to-day only. Your divine power has played an effective role in creating this universe and it is all pervasive. I have come to know of this just now only. (16)

You have fully extended this universe which is transformation of Sat and Asat and You give joy to the individual soul the enjoyer entity – at the proper time. Thus You seem to be queer like illusion as You are a concomitant of sixteen and seven elements.

The five Tanm¢tr¢s – S’ABDA, SPARS’A, R¥PA, RASA and GANDHA. The Eleven organs – Speech, Hands, Feet, organ of excretion, organ of generation, Eyes, Nose, Ears, Tongue, Skin and Mind = 16 And Seven elements – MAHAT, AHA»K¡RA and Five great elements (Earth, water, Light, Air and Space) = 7 (16+7=23)

O Mother !You have pervaded the entire universe. So we do not perceive anything except You. In everyday life intelligent people call a man a weakling when he is destitute of ability (S’AKTI). (18)

Pr¤´¢si vis’vamakhilam satatam prabh¢vaiª svaistejas¢ ca sakalam praka°¤karo¾i |
O Goddess ! You create the entire universe by means of Your power and lustre, and delight the entire universe. And at the time of the destruction, You devour everything at once. Then O Goddess who can know Your divine godly character ? (19)

O Mother ! you protected us against Madhu and Kai°abha. You showed us Your vast abode and brought us to Ma´idv¤pa, which is an abode of happiness. You made us reach such a high position that O Bhavani ! we were fortunate enough to have your DARS’ANA. (20)

O Mother ! Even I (Visnu), Brahmaor S’ankara do not know Your character which is beyond understanding. Then who else can know it ? O most impressive Goddess ! Your character is a collection of creations; nobody knows how many worlds are there ? (21)

O Goddess ! we noticed S’iva, Visnu and Brahm¢-all of well-known prowess in this Bhavana; in the same way what else may not be there is other worlds? How can we know Your vast divine power ? (22)

O Mother ! with obeisance to Your feet, I have only one prayer to make May Your this form always stay in my heart. On my tongue may there be the name of Yours. And may we be able to have the DARS’ANA of your lotus-feet evermore. (23)

O Goddess ! you must always have a feeling regarding me that this is my servant. And on my part I always believe that you are my respected mistress. And O Goddess ! Let this relation of a son and a mother be always prevalent between us. (24)

O Universal Mother ! you are the climax of the perfection of the state of all-knowing. So you know the entire area of the universe, what more can I, a poor fellow, inform you ? O Bhav¢ni ! you may do as you please and what is proper to be done. (25)

O Goddess never born ! It is well-known among the people that Brahmacreates this universe, Visnu maintains it and Lord S’ankara, the consort of P¢rvat¤ destroys it. Is it true ? Really speaking we are able to do our functions as per your desire and power. (26)

O Goddess never born ! It is well-known among the people that Brahmacreates this universe, Visnu maintains it and Lord S’ankara, the consort of P¢rvat¤ destroys it. Is it true ? Really speaking we are able to do our functions as per your desire and power. (26)

O Daughter of Him¢laya ! This universe is not upheld by the earth. It is upheld by your power. O bestower of boons ! You provide lustre to this entire universe, though You are devoid of all qualities ! Thereafter receiving lustre from You, the sun gives light to all this. (27)

Brahm¢, I (Visnu) and S’iva are born of your divine power and are not eternal. Then how can Indra and other gods be eternal ? In the form of M¥LA PRAK§TI (Primordial Matter) You are the creator and hence etenal. (28)

You have taken pity on me who am the PUR¡³A PURU½A. And hence I have approached you and have been able to know You. Otherwise I would have been dullwitted thinking myself to be all-pervasi’ve, Beginningless, devoid of all gestures, controlling agency and all knowing. (29)

You are the learning of the learned people; You are the might of the mightly. In the mortal world .You are always in the form of Fame, Lustre, Wealth and Unmixed Gratification. Moreover you are the detachment which gives liberation. (30)

You are G¢yatri, the first Kal¢ of the Veda. In the form with qualities You, the Goddess, are SV¡H¡ and SVADH¡. And you are the half M¡TR¡ of Aumk¢ra. You have composed the Vedas for the protection of the forefathers of the gods. (31)

Just as the waves of the ocean spread, in the same way the fractions of Brahman, which is beginning-less, endless and faultless, assume the form of the Jivas.

You create the world for their liberation even though you have no personal interest. (32)

When the individual Self finds that the doer-ship etc. appearing in himself are yours and understands himself to be free from attachment and also understands that You are the doer of all these acts, and are free from any attachment, this is just like a drama in which all the charaters understand that it is all internally false and it also comes to an end, in the same way You take us in the form of M¢y¢. (33)

O Ambik¢ ! You are my protector against the worldly ocean full of infatuation, I have sought resort in You. So I request You to protect me against this false world made up of attachment etc. as well as at the time of my taking last breaths, which (time) is full of suffering and miserable. (34)

O Goodess ! I salute you ! O Mah¢vidy¢ ! I offer my obeisance to Your lotus-feet.

O Goddess, welfare incarnate and giver of all PURU½¡RTHAS ! You please give me light of learniing, everyday. (35)

Thus the 4th Chapter in the 3rd Skandha of the S’r¤mad Bhuvanes’var¤ Bh¢gavata Mah¢pur¢´a is concluded.


Brahmasaid : O N¢rada ! Thus when God of gods J¢n¢rdanaª Visnu stopped speaking, S’a¬kara standing before the Goddess, said after bowing down to Her.

S’ankara prays : O Goddess ! Visnu originated through Your divine power, Brahmaalso originated through Your divine power only; even I, endowed with Tamas quality am born out of your lustre. Is there any doubt about it ? For O S’iv¢ ! You are clever in creation. (2)

O Mother ! You are Your-self the earth, water, wind, space, fire, organs of sense, organs of actions, mind, intellect and ego. (3)

So the people who try to establish that this universe is the creation of Brahma- Visnu – Mah¢deva, do not really understand it. For really speaking all those gods – created by you create the animate as well as inanimate universe. (4)

O Mother ! if word and other objects, and Earth-Wind-Space-Fire and Water with their qualities gather to make the universe, it is not possible. Beause to create such a universe,there must be some conscious energy. So in the absence of You who are in the form of consciousness – it is not possible to create this universe. (5)

O Mother ! You are the entire animate and inanimate universe created by Braham¢ – Visnu and S’iv¢ and with a desire to make sports at Your sweet will, You assume many forms and make sports. (6)

O Ambik¢ ! when we – Brahm¢, S’iva and Visnu were anxious to create this entire universe, we accepted the holy dust of Your lotus – feet and gave it an approximate shape. (7)

O Mother ! Had You not been compassionate-minded how could,

I (S’iv¢) full of Tamas quality, Brahmafull of Rajas quality and Visnu with Sattva quality be created ? (8)

O Universal mother if there is not inequality in Your treatment how is it that You have created the world with ministers, kings attendants and others? (9)

Your very qualities – Sattva, Rajas and Tamas – create, protect and destroy the world and out of these three qualities you have created Visnu, Brahmaand S’iv¢ respectively as the cause of the world (10)

O Goddess ! please tell us who created the divine worlds which were seen by us, I, Visnu and Brahm¢, where we were sitting in the aerial car. (11)

O Ambik¢ (-Mother), you create, protect and destroy the universe with the help of only a fraction of yours and you make sports with Your consort – the MAN ever and ever more. O welfare incarnate, we do not know your activities. (12)

So O Mother ! give us the benefit of worshipping your lotus-feet(the benefit to us) who are made to assume woman-hood forever. For after being restored to manhood, if we are bereaved of the change of worshipping Your lotus – feet, where shall we get this happiness which we get at present ? (13)

O Auspiciousness incarnate ! I have no desire to become the owner of those three worlds after being restored to manhood and leaving the worship of your lotus-feet. (14)

O most beautiful and having beautiful teeth ! the happiness, which I derive after assuming womanhood in your vicinity, is not possible even a little elsewhere. If we lose the sight of your lotus-feet and get back our manhood, it won’t be a giver of happiness anyhere. (15)

O Goddess ! after assuming this womanhood we worshipped Your lotus feet, which destroy the world. May this spotless fame of mine last for ever in all the three worlds. (16)

By giving up Your vicinity who would entertain desire to achieve the kingdam without thorns (in the form of enemies) ! Oh ! if there is not Your vicinity, even a moment becomes an age. (17)

O Mother ! those guileless sages who abandon the worship of your lotus-feet and get ready to perform penance are deluded by fortune. And may they have extra-ordinary power in the form of penance, they have definitely missed salvation. (18)

O Birthless great Goddess ! The salvation that is secured from the worldly existence by means of the grace of the pollen of your lotus-feet is never achieved by means of austerity, restraint of senses, SAM¡DHI or the sacrifices (19) O Goddess ! please have grace; have grace if you are gracious on me please give me a divine, faultless, and wonderful MANTRA. Formerly while muttering your excellent and faultless MANTRA – The NAV¡R³A MANTRA – I achieved beatitude. (20) O Mother ! I had that Mantra with me in my former birth. That had nine letters – NAV¡R³A MANTRA; but at present I do not recollect it, so please give me that Mantra. O Liberating Goddess !

please liberate me from this worldly existence. (21)

Brahmasaid : Mahadeva of divine lustre thus prayed to the Goddess. The Goddess very clearly uttered the nine lettered mantra thus – AIM HR£M KL£M C¡MU³±¡YAI VICCE. (22) On accepting the Mantra Mah¢deva was highly pleased. He bowed down to Her and stood there. (23)

Mah¢deva was standing there muttering the nine-lettered Mantra with B£JA and (the Mantra which is) the giver of worldly pleasures and salvation. (24) On seeing Mah¢deva who makes the world happy, standing, I (-Brahm¢), standing beside the lotus – feet of the Goddess said : (25) O Mother ! The Vedas have been able to know you and that is why they have given an injunction about Sv¢h¢ Devi, a fraction of Yourself in the entire performance of the sacrifice. In these three worlds you are the all-knower and the best of all. (26)

O Mother ! “I am the creator of the universe, I create this cosmos, who is more capable than I ? I am more than all people, the best Brahm¢. So I am blessed. There is no doubt about it.” I was immersed in the ocean of worldly existence with this sort of pride. (27)

But today I have gained the pollen of your lotus – feet. This is my pride and so I am blessed. I have been able to tell this truth. You are expert in destroying the fear of the worldly existence as well as you are the Goddess bestowing salvation. So I pray to You. My prayer is ” please remove my fetters in the form of infatuated worldly existence and give me your devotion “. (28)

O welfare-incarnate ! when I was born from the lotus manifested by you, I was worried as to how shall I get liberation from this bondage. But now I am your servant obeying your commands. So please protect me from the ocean of worldly existence. (29)

Those people who do not know your primordial and holy character, consider me the lord (-creator). And those people who do not know your divine power, worship other gods, with a desire for heaven through sacrifices. (30)

You have given me the post of Brahmaafter creating the four-fold creation. Still I believed through pride that who else would know such a creation except me ? You please, forgive this offence on my part committed through egoism. (31)

O Mother ! if your name is uttered once in a while and under some pretext, it becomes a bestower of salvation. Those who do not know this truth, try in vain through eight-fold yogic practices and Sam¢dhi, dull-witted as they are. (32)

Moreover O Bhav¢ni ! Those people leaving aside your divine name devote themselves to deep thinking regarding the number of the elements (TATTVA) and are infatuated by the position that they gain through that practice. They also have immersed themselves in the ocean of worldly existence. For you are the only liberator from the world. (33)

O birthless Goddess ! Those people, who have gained the Highest knowledge do not leave aside your holy names “S’iv¢, Ambik¢ Sakti,

Is’¢ as well as your holy character even for half of a winking period. (34)

O Mother ! you are able enough to create this four-fold universe even through a glance. Still however only for a sport and entertainment you make me Brahmaand create this creation. (35)

Moreover Visnu, whom you protected against Madhu – Kai°’abha in the midst of the ocean, is not really the protector of the universe. And at the time of the deluge did you not slay Rudra ? Had you not slain him, how could he take birth from the midst of my eye-brows ? So Rudra, the destroyer of the universe is not really the destroyer of it, O Mother ! really speaking you are the generator, operator and destroyer of this universe. (36)

Your birth has never been heard of or seen anywhere. Nobody knows anything about your origin and its time. For O, Bhav¢ni, You are the Primordial power (¡DIS’AKTI). So all the Vedas have established You as the chief or the prime power. (37)

Having associated with You I create the universe; Visnu protects it and Rudra destroys it. In the absence of this association with You, we three are able to do nothing. (38)

Is it that all others are not born like us – I, Visnu and S’a¬kara ? Do they not take birth at present ? will they not take birth in future ? Many have been such, are being such, and will be such. But still your sport is an object of dispute and wonder for dull-witted persons. It infatuates all. (39)

God who is non-doer, devoid of qualities, indistinct, devoid of all activities (or functions), devoid of all adjuncts and indivisible and primordial divinity also watches your sports. Thus the knowers of the scriptures state. (40)

When we think of all the objects in the universe philosophically, we find that there are two types in this universe that is visible and invisible. First of all one PURU½A and the other You, Yourself.

Thus the existence of the two is proved. Any third object is not proved (or established). (41)

Vedic injunctions are never false. Now the Veda says that Brahman is one and without a second. I am in doubt here : I have experienced the existence of two – The Supreme Puru¾a and You. Is this a truth or is it that the Vedic injuction is true. This paradox creates doubt in my heart. (42)

Veda establishe : Brahman is one and without a second. Is it that You are that Brahman or is it that that Supreme Puru¾a is Brahman ? Please, dispel this doubt of mine. (43)

My mind is rocking between Dvaita and Advaita and it does not get free from doubt. (44) So please dispel my doubt with your own words. I have achieved the vicinity of your feet by means of my religious merit. (45)

Please tell me clearly whether you are a male or a female: So that I may get rid of this ocean of worldly existence by recognising you as the Supreme Power. (46)

Thus the 5th Chapter in 3rd Skandha of the S’r¤mad Bhuvanes’var¤ Bh¢gavata Mah¢pur¢´a is concluded.


Brahmasaid : When I asked the Goddess with humility, that Primordial Power (¡DY¡S’AKTI) started saying. (1)

O Brahma! I and that PARAMA PURU½A are one. There is no distinction between us. I am what he is, He is what I am. The distinction that is seen is only an intelletual illusion.

There is no doubt about it that the intelligent man who knows the subtle distinection between us gets salvation after getting rid of the worldly existence. (3)

Brahman is eternal, One and without a second as well as everlasting. But it assumes DVAITA (Two – fold – form) during the period of creation. (4)

Just as there is only one lamp, still because of its contact with adjuncts, it seems more than one. In the same way this Self is one, but due to M¢y¢ and its effect adjunct, that Self appears visible as well as invisible and of many forms. This is assuming dualism or the state of being two. Just as there is only one face, but due to the mirror adjunct it looks many-fold in the form of reflections or just as a shadow of a man looks different because of the adjuncts of the man concerned, in the same way the reflection of both of us looks different because of the M¢y¢ and its contact with the mental functions. Because of this adjunct it looks different. (5)

This difference takes place at the time of creation. It takes two forms. It assumes differences of being visible and invisible. (6)

At the time of deluge, I am not a female, a male or an impotent. But I am in the form of PARA BRAHMA (-Supreme Being) consciousness incarnate. When creation takes place, I plan this difference with the help of my intellect. I am Intellect, Fortitude, Desire, Memory, Retaining Power, Mercy, Bashfulness, Appetite, Forgiveness, Lustre, Quietude, Thirst, Sleep, Lethargy, Youth, old age, Learning, Ignorance, Longing, Wish, Power, Absence of Energy, Fat, Skin, Sight, Speech – True as well as Untrue and the speech which is classified as PAR¡, PAS’YANT£ and MADHYAM¡, Moreover I am the various nerves in the body.

What am I not in this universe ? Is there anything, which is devoid of Me ? You make note for certain, O Brahma! that I am all this. What is there which is destitute of Me ? You please tell me this. In this universe I have pervaded everything. In all the gods I am present with different names in the form of Divine Power or Energy. All this is my prowess ! I am the Divine Power named as Gauri, Br¢hm¤, Raudr¤, V¢r¢hi, Vai¾´av¤, S’iv¢, V¢ru´¤, Kauber¤, N¢rasi¼hi and Aindr¤. Whatever action takes place in the universe, I enter it and I perform all functions by making the doer the agent. (8-15)

Just as there is cold in water, heat in fire, light in the sun and the moon, I am all those qualities. (16)

O Brahma! No JIVA is able to do anything if he is given up by Me in this world. I tell you this truth. (17) If S’a¬kara is abandoned by me, he is not able to kill the demons. Please, see that anyone abandoned by Me is called devoid of energy by the people. (18)

The wretched man who is abandoned by Me is not called without Rudra or without Visnu, but all people call him without power or energy. (19)

If a man falls down, or stumbles or is afraid or is under the thumb of an enemy ! people call him powerless, not without Rudra. (20)

So you, please, know it for certain that S’akti (or the Divine Power) is the cause of all. O Brahma! when you are desirous of creating the universe, you will be able to do everything when you are with S’akti (=endowed with Divine Power). (21)

In the same way if Visnu, S’ankara, Indra, Fire-god, The sun-god, Yama, Vis’vakarm¢, Varu´a and the wind-god, all these are associated with me, will be able to do their duties (or functions. ) (22)

The Earth is able to uphold everything because of her being endowed with Me. Otherwise she would not be able to uphold even an atom. (23)

In the same way S’e¾a, the Tortoise and the quarterelephants do their functions because they are endowed with Me, (S’akti). (24)

O Brahma! If I desire I may drink the entire stock of water, may destroy the sun, may prevent the wind and may do what I like within no time. (25)

O Lotus-born Brahma! you should never doubt that the elements which did not exist before, have come into existence. For only that element is created which existed before. (26)

Just as the pot is existant in the clay in a subtle form, and so it is manifested by the clay. This kind of non-existence of the pot in the clay is called non-existance. In the same way when the pot is broken, there is non-existence of the pot in the pieces. That is called PRADHVA»S¡BH¡VA. Thus anything which is manifested has its existence before its creation And something is absorbed in existence. This process is called SATK¡RYAV¡DA – i.e. a theory in which it is accepted that a thing exists in its subtle form before it is created. In this theory of SATK¡RYAV¡DA the all-pervasiveness of S’AKTI is established. (27)

If some one asks now there is no earth (in the form of the pot), where did it go ? Then the people reply : It was turned into atoms. (From this it is established that the pot is existant in the form of atoms. So SATK¡RYAV¡DA is proved among the people). (28)

The MAHAT-TATTVA preceding Ego (AHA«K¡RA) is known to be of following types or adjectives : Eternal (S’¡S’VATA), Momentary (K¾a´ika), S’¥NYA (void), NITYA (perenial) and ANITYA (Non-perenial) and with a doer (SAKART§KA), It is beyond description. Still it is described with seven divisions. (29)

You please accept this MAHATTATTVA. The AHA«K¡RA is born out of it and you create all the beings from it as in the past. (30)

Born through destiny, you all the three gods (Brahma- Visnu and Mah¢deva) go and build up your own abodes. Dwelling in them you do your functions all right. (31)

O Brahma! you accept this excellent S’akti named Mah¢sarasvat¤ who is endowed with Rajas quality and gentle smile. (32)

You accept this S’akti who is your Co-partner, who is – putting on white clothes, – attractive due to celestial ornaments, – sitting on a splendid seat. This Sarasvati is my own VIBHUTI;take her as most adorable and dear. Do not humiliate her. (34)

Now you go to Satyaloka, in the company of this Sarasvati and create the fourfold universe from MAHAT TATTVA. (35)

Those J¤vas exist in that MAHAT with their karmas and subtle bodies. You create them as you did it in the past. (36)

You create the entire animate and inanimate universe, with the cause in the form of their Time, Karma and Nature (SVABH¡VA) associated with their own in-born natures and qualities, as in the past.

Moreover you should always respect and adore Visnu; for He is the most excellent as there is abundance of Sattva quality in him. (38)

Whenever there is any catastrophy on the earth Lord Visnu will manifest Himself. (39)

Lord Visnu will destroy the demons, by manifesting Himself in the form of some beast or bird or human being. (40)

Moreover this very strong S’ankara will also help you; so after creating all the gods, you move happily. (41)

The Br¢hma´as, the K¾atriyas and the Vais’yas will adore you all with regular rites through sacrifices offered with DAKSI³¡S. (41)

O Gods ! in every sort of sacrifice you will be gratiied and satisfied with the utterance of my name SV¡H¡. (43)

You consider S’iva also to be perfect and adore him carefully, in all sacrificial rites; for he is of Tamas quality. (44)

Whenever there is any fear from the demons, my beautiful-bodied forms Varachi, Vaisnavi, Gauri, Narasimhi and Sadasiva will manifist themselves as my power and will dispel your fear. O Brahmayou do all your functions with pleasure. (45-46)

O Learned one ! This Mantra is the best of all Mantras. You know this for certain. You keep this Mantra in your heart for achieving fulfilment of all desires and sensual pleasures. (48)

Having said me thus the Goddess of auspicious smile addressed Visnu : “O Visnu ! you may also go and accept this beautiful Mah¢lak¾mi. (49)

The S’akti which I give you is the giver of all objects and doer of good. She shines on your chest. There is no doubt about it. (50)

You should never humiliate her; but respect her always. I have planned this happy union named Lak¾mi-N¢r¢ya´a. (51)

I have made sacrifices for the livelihood of the gods. So you all the three gods should never oppose one another and live with co-operation. (52)

You, all the three gods (BrahmaVisnu and Mahes’a), are born out of My qualities. So there is no doubt that you will be respectable and adorable for all. (53)

Those dull-witted persons who make difference among you three will certainly go to hell. There is no doubt about it. (54)

One who is Visnu, is Himself S’iva and one who is S’iva is Himself Visnu. The person who makes difference between these two gods goes to the hell. (55)

In the same way Brahmashould also be treated. There is no need of useless thinking. O Visnu ! I tell you about the characteristics of their Gu´as. Please, listen to. (56)

In thinking and pondering over the Supreme Reality, your Sattva quality will be pre-dominant and Rajogu´a as well as Tamogu´a will be subsidiary. (57)

You move with this Lak¾mi after being endowed with Rajogu´a in various types of functions. (58)

O Visnu, the consort of Laksmi ! The Mantra containing the V¡G B£JA (A£M), K¡MAB£JA (KL£M) and M¡Y¡ B¤ja (HR£M) the three B£JA-lettered one, invoking the Goddess Bhuvanes’var¤ and given by me is the giver of Salvation. (59)

You accept it and go on muttering it everyday and move happily. O Visnu ! you will not have to face the fear of Death as well as that of K¢la, as long as this sport of mine regarding creation lasts. Thereafter you will be absorbed in Me when I destroy this animate and inanimate universe.

O Purusottama ! the person who wishes welfare should box this Mantra with AUM and then remember it. This Mantra with three B£JAS and addressed to Bhuvanes’var¤. is the fulfiller of desires and giver of liberation. You create Vaiku´°ha and dwell there. (60-63) And move at your own sweet will pondering over Me, the Goddess eternal Bhuvanes’vari

Brahmasays : After telling Visnu thus that Goddess PAR¡ Prak¨ti – who is in the form of Sagu´a and Nirgu´a told S’IVA the following immortal words.

The Goddess says : O Mah¢deva you accept this Mah¢k¢l¤ Gaur¤ attractive to one’s mind. (64-65)

You enjoy yourself by creating Kail¢sa. May you have Tamoguna in predominence and Sattva and Rajogu´a in subsidiary levels. (66)

You assume Rajogu´a and Tamogu´a for worldly sports and destruction of the demons. And O sinless Mah¢deva you assume quiet Sattvagu´a for performing penance and meditation on the Supreme Being. Thus for creation, sustenance and destruction, you all three gods, will be perfect with three qualities. (67-68)

There is nothing which is devoid of these three Gu´as in this world. Anything that is seen is endowed with the three Gu´as. (69)

There has never been anything devoid of the Gu´as and will never be any such thing. Only Supreme Reality (PARAM¡TM¡) is devoid of the Gu´as (NIRGU³A). And He is never seen. (70)

O Mahadeva ! I am Saguna (endowed with the three qualities) in the beginning of the creation and at the time of SAMADHI I am Nirguna (devoid of the three qualities) O S’ambhu ! I am always a cause and never and effect. (71)

In the form of a cause I am Sagu´a. But before the Supreme Being, I am Nirgu´¢. Mahat-tattva, Aha¬kara and word etc. qualities go on resulting in the forms of causes and effects. Aha¬k¢ra is of two types : (1) In the form of PAR¡HANT¡ and (2) born of Mahat-Tattva. Herein the Aha¬kara in the form of conviction “I am Brahman” is born of the existent Being i.e. in the form of the Existent Being i.e. in the form of Par¢hant¢. So I, the spiritual good incarnate, I am the cause of this Aha¬kara. (72-73)

This Aha¬kara is established in the form of the Three qualities. i.e. It is full of the three qualities. And the Mahat Tattva is born of this Aha¬kara. It is called the collective intellect. (-Samasti Buddhi) (74)

Thus Mahat Tattva is the effect and this Aha¬k¢ra in the form of Par¢hant¢ is the cause. The TANM¡TR¡S – word etc are always born from the second type of Aha¬k¢r¢ only i.e. from the Mahat Tattva. (75)

These TANM¡TR¡S are the cause of the five great elements (PA­CAMAH¡ BH¥TAS). When the universe is created, the five organs of knowledge are born out of the S¢ttvika parts of the five great elements. And the five organs of action are born out of the R¢jasa parts of the five great elements. (76)

And the mind is born out of the S¢ttvika parts of the five great elements. And the vital airs (PR¡³AS) are born out of the R¢jasa parts of the same. Thus the five organs of action, the five organs of knowledge, the five great elements and the mind – the collection of sixteen is known as the cause. And these are called the vikaras or the modifications. (77)

The primordial Supreme Reality the PARAMA PURU½A is neither a cause nor an effect. O Mah¢deva ! at the time of the Adi-creation all these are born out of Me.

You remember me, whenever there is any difficulty. I will appear before you. So you should remember eternal Supreme Being and Me. (80)

That means you must always remember Brahman qualified by M¢y¢. There is no difference between a S’akti and one who holds that S’akti (S’akti and S’aktim¢n) So if they are remembered you can achieve success in your missions. Brahmasays: O N¢rada ! Thus having explained us everything and having endowed us with the S’aktis, she gave us a send off. (81)

Mah¢sarasvat¤ was given to Me; Mah¢lak¾m¤ to Visnu and Mah¢k¢l¤ to S’iv¢ and gave us send off. (82)

Thereafter when they reached another place, they assumed their manhood again. No sooner did we sit in the celestial aerial car (we) thinking about the marvellous prowess of the S’akti, the island disappeared. The Goddess also disappeared. The nectar ocean also disappeared. This narration is not untrue or false. (83-84)

Thereafter we arrived at that ocean after sitting in the aerial car, (the ocean) where Visnu had killed irressistible Madhu and Kai°abha demons. (85)

Thus the 6th Chapter in the 3rd Skandha of the S’r¤mad Bhuvanes’var¤ Bh¢gavata Mah¢pur¢´a is concluded.