Kathiawadi horses and equestrian association

Kathiawadi horses and equestrian association


The Kathiawadi horses are well known around the globe. They have played a major role in the history of Indian rulers in ancient times. But, with the approach of modern era the kathiawadi horses were nearly becoming extinct.


With a motive of saving this exquisite breed few breeders gave their supportive hand to Acharyashri Ghanshyamji, the founder of this association & presently the chairman of this institution. He himself is a breeder and an expert rider.


This organization was started in September 1987 A.D. with a motive of saving this breed, to built awareness for this breed number of equestrian shows were organized.


The results were fruitful, till now many equestrian shows have been successfully organized where approximately 200 horses take part in a three day event. We receive subventions as well as donations from the horse lovers also. Till now there are about 2000 members of this association.


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