Sightseeing and places of intrest

1.) Navlakha palace museum

Navlakha palace museum The 17th century Navlakha palace with delicate designs and beautifully decorated staircases exhibits its great architectural excellence in style. The interior of Dabargarh palace alias Navlakha palace is open to the public which showcases the true royal culture and is a very good example for the artistic talents of the then generation. Expensive chandeliers, antique furniture, mirrors and stuffed lions and tigers adorn the court house.



2.) Royal car museum and palaces.

Royal car museum and palaces Royal Garages of Gondal is located at the Huzoor Palace, which is also known as the Orchard Palace as it is surrounded by huge gardens and fruit orchards. This palace is the current residence of the royal family even though a wing of the Palace has been converted into a heritage hotel.







3.) Swaminarayan Temple

swaminarayan In 1927 (Samvat 1983) the mahant of Junagadh, Narayandas Swami, who was a disciple of Balmukunddas Swami, desired to build a one-shikhar mandir but was refused permission to do so from the Acharya and Kothari of Vartal. At that time Narayandas Swami said, “In future a sadhu will build a supreme three-shikhar mandir. Let them say no now but the three-shikhar mandir will be built and the murtis of Swami and Shriji will be installed.






4.) Sangramji High School

Navlakha palace museum Sangramji High School (Replica of Eton college – UK) Education was the most important agenda for the king. Hence Gondal had best school buildings in old days, women’s education was compulsory. Every small village of Gondal state had a school.










5.) Udyog bharti

Udyog bhartiHand voven cotton fabric(Khadi) is famous round the globe promoted by Mahatma Gandhiji, This is a semi Government organization to promote rural areas.










6.) Veri talav water reservoir

veri-talavIt was built bu the king of Gondal. This reservoir also serves as breeding spot for numerous migratory birds. Winter is the best season for bird watching.