Temple and its history

Shri Bhuvaneshwar Mahadev Temple at Gandhinagar was founded in 1998 A.D. This beautiful temple is of Shri Bhuvaneshwar Mahadev (Lord Shiva), mahaged by Shri Bhuvaneshwari Pith, Gondal. Gandhinagar Temple This temple is a unique piece of art beautifully designed by Adhyaksh Shri Dr. Ravidarshanji. It was a rare culmination of European and Indian architecture. The Pranpratistha of Mahadevji was performed in April 2000.


The temple was beautifully designed in sand stone by nearly 25 sculptures. A combination of traditional Indian and European style of architecture was used to design this unique piece of art. Beautiful idol of Lord Shiva in black marble has been laid in the shrine of the temple. The temple was damaged in massive earth quake of January 2001. A.D. hence the front portion had to be demolished


At present prathna hall with small guest house is under construction.


Donation for religious ceremonies and construction project.
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For guest house facilities at Gandhinagar temple.

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